Boxed wedding invitations

Are you determined to find a cool, unique way to invite guests to your wedding? Have you already lost way too many hours trying to find the perfect solution?

Look no further. Our premium, design led wedding invitation boxes give you a fun, unique way to invite your guests and you can be sure they won’t have received anything like this before.

boxed wedding stationery uk

What’s inside each box?

Our boxes have been carefully designed to hold your wedding invitation, information card and RSVP postcard, along with beautifully scented lavender confetti and a pack of ‘happy tears’ tissues. There’s even a little extra room should you wish to add anything else. What’s more, you’ll only need a large letter stamp to post it.

Bespoke design service

Whilst we do offer a limited number of house designs (see below), creating bespoke suites is our bread and butter. We love working with couples to design something brand new, completely inline with your wedding theme and the vision for your big day.

Bespoke boxed wedding invites
House design or bespoke?
Bespoke boxed wedding invites

Bespoke Design Service

Boxed wedding invitations UK - Monochrome

The Kirsty Collection

Boxed wedding invitations UK - Alice in Wonderland

The Sophie Collection

Boxed wedding invitations UK - London skyline theme

The Alison Collection

Boxed wedding invitations UK - Marble, modern design

The Emily Collection

Boxed wedding invitations UK - Rustic, green foliage

The Chloe Collection

Boxed wedding invitations UK - Playing card Las Vegas

The Noora Collection

Boxed wedding invitations uk - Beach destination theme

The Annabel Collection

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